Episode 057: Tim Eckerle | Grant County Economic GROWTH Council

Episode 057: Tim Eckerle | Grant County Economic GROWTH Council 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

Tim Eckerle, executive director at Grant County Economic GROWTH Council joins Carla to talk leadership, and on 60 Seconds with a Site Consultant Brad Migdal (senior managing director of business incentives practice, Cushman & Wakefield) shares insight about how the profession has been disrupted.

Tim and Carla talk about Tim’s journey into economic development. Tim dives into why he’s all about figuring out solutions rather than dwelling on problems, and what the word “renew” means to him this new decade.

Since 1984, Tim has been the executive director of the Grant County Economic Growth Council, Marion, Indiana.  As the Growth Council’s initial director, Tim has been responsible for developing the organization’s mission and overseeing its development.  During his tenure, the Growth Council has participated in attracting 20 diverse new manufacturers such as automotive parts, plastic lids manufacturers, and an ethanol plant, as well as participated in over 2 billion dollars’ worth of modernization and expansion projects. Under his leadership, the Growth Council launched several entrepreneurial development projects including the I-69 Collegiate Innovation Challenge, Taylor Business Plan Competition, the high school base Young Entrepreneurs Program and the Spirit of Entrepreneurship award.

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