Episode 056: Rob Cleveland | Cornerstone Alliance

Episode 056: Rob Cleveland | Cornerstone Alliance 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

Rob Cleveland, president at Cornerstone Alliance, joins for an in-person interview, and on 60 Seconds with a Site Consultant Ann Petersen (director, Atlas Insight) shares insight about her favorite community website.

Rob talks with Nick Riashi about how he went from being a sports administration major to economic development. Rob dives deep into assuming positive intent, how that shapes his leadership, and why it became such a building block for him. He talks about being surrounded by brilliant people and how that inspires him to always question everything. Tune in now to hear more inspiration from Rob!

Rob joined Cornerstone Alliance as president in 2015. Located in Michigan’s Great Southwest, the Cornerstone Alliance is Berrien County’s premier economic development organization. Rob leads a team of a dozen individuals devoted to the enrichment of economic vitality, improved employment opportunities, expansion of the tax base and the creation of wealth in Berrien County.

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