Episode 201: The Impact of Community

Episode 201: The Impact of Community 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“You get to see the community change daily. Myself and my staff get to impact the community whether it’s working with our commission or working with state leaders.” –Cal Wray

What is your region and community best known for? When you first hear Augusta, Georgia, your mind may automatically resort to the iconic Master’s tournament. For Cal Wray, President at the Development Authority of Augusta, Georgia, working in Augusta provides many attributes and elements to attract high quality talent and a motivated workforce. Having such an event, essentially right in his backyard, has done wonders for his region in attracting tourism, and achieving community recognition.

However, Cal explains that his community of Augusta has much more to offer than just the Master’s. The Development Authority of Augusta, Georgia provides many opportunities in diverse industries and landscapes. Cal’s organization also partners with local colleges and universities to create training and apprenticeship programs in industries such as cyber security. Thanks to relationships like this, he’s seen tremendous growth in population within the counties he serves.

Augusta is host of the Master’s Golf Tournament, which is an iconic staple of the sports world and an event attended by individuals globally. While thankful for the opportunity and community recognition, Cal Wray emphasizes just how much more the region has to offer. Tune in to America’s Jobs Team to hear more about his passion for his region, and his personal economic development journey. You can find today’s episode on our website, via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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