Episode 004 | John Longshore (Global Location Strategies)

Episode 004 | John Longshore (Global Location Strategies) 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Nick Riashi is joined by John Longshore to discuss John’s leadership journey. John is a Principal and VP of Innovation at Global Location Strategies, where he has spent his time for the past six years. He has led numerous projects across North America and Europe, and the projects he has worked have totaled over $10 billion in capital investment and thousands of jobs.

John and Nick talk about how generational differences affect today’s workplace and how he sees the talent challenge playing out. John shares his insights for people looking to step into a leadership position for the first time, particularly for Millennials, and he talks about how humility and vulnerability are such powerful traits to have, especially as a leader. Follow John on Twitter at @johnlongshore and tune in now for more great leadership wisdom!