Episode 003 | Ann Petersen (Cushman & Wakefield)

Episode 003 | Ann Petersen (Cushman & Wakefield) 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Nick Riashi and Ann Petersen discuss Ann’s leadership journey through the years. Ann is a Senior Director at Cushman & Wakefield, where her primary responsibilities include negotiation with state and local economic development officials and implementation of incentives. Ann also provides complex financial analysis to her clients which include 10-year P&L cash flow modeling of each project, and she utilizes her legal background to provide creative savings solutions to her clients through legal analysis, tax legislation and letter rulings.

On today’s episode, Ann shares insight on why ego is dangerous and how keeping an open mind to learning is crucial to successful leadership. Tune in now to hear Ann’s advice on when it’s time to move on and find out which language she’s learning to speak!