Episode 085: Michael Catsi | Tacoma Public Utilities

Episode 085: Michael Catsi | Tacoma Public Utilities 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

Carla Sones talks with Michael Catsi. They dive into mentorship: the different types of mentorship, how mentors are pivotal in providing us with space to grow, learn and fail forward, and the impact folks can have without realizing it. Michael also talks about how our drive to be hyper-independent is harmful and the negative consequences it can lead to, and he shares why he purposely unplugs and disconnects on a regular basis.

Michael has had a fascinating journey into economic development all the way from Australia. He joined Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) as the Economic Development Manager in April 2019, where he is responsible for local business retention and expansion programs and business attraction. Prior to moving to Tacoma, he had 17 years of senior leadership experience in economic development in Alaska, serving at the local, regional and state level. Michael was also a two-term city council member, served on the board of the Alaska Municipal League, and currently serves on the IEDC Board of Directors.

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