Episode 084: Greg Hitchin | City of Waynesboro, VA

Episode 084: Greg Hitchin | City of Waynesboro, VA 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

Carla Sones is joined by Greg Hitchin. Greg talks about some of the proudest moments he’s had this year thanks to his knack for relationship building and collaboration. Him and Carla talk about the ever-shifting talent pool within the economic development industry and how he has made decisions to move from one place to the next throughout his career. A huge part of Greg’s success has been his ability to stop and pour into himself so that he is energized and able to pour into others; tune in now to learn how he accomplishes this!

Greg has served as the economic development director for the City of Waynesboro, VA since April 2010. Prior to joining the City of Waynesboro, he was the Business Development Manager for the Onondaga County (Syracuse, New York) Office of Economic Development. He also served as the Interim Director of the six-person office and the CFO for the Onondaga County Industrial Development Authority. Following graduation from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Greg spent 18 years in consumer goods and services sales and marketing. He currently serves on several boards and committees: International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Director; Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC), Director; Shenandoah Valley Partnership (SVP), Director; Virginia Economic Development Association (VEDA), Program Committee; Center for Coldwater Restoration, Director.

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