Episode 036: Philip Marschall | Navigator Consulting

Episode 036: Philip Marschall | Navigator Consulting 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Philip Marschall (partner, Navigator Consulting) talks leadership with Carla Sones. Together, they dive deep on today’s information overload, the challenge of adapting marketing to different international markets, and whose leadership style Philip admires. Philip also shares his insights on arrogance and selfishness, and why staying open to new ideas is so important.

Philip is partner at Blair & Partner in Düsseldorf, working chiefly in projects and GIS-based location analytics for Navigator Consulting’s European client base. He was working at the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta from 2013-2014 before joining forces with Navigator Consulting. Philip has since managed eight international site selection projects. With an academic background in Geography and Economics, he possesses critical expertise in the fields of cluster theory and localized drivers for business growth.