Episode 033: Tracye McDaniel | TIP Strategies

Episode 033: Tracye McDaniel | TIP Strategies 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Tracye McDaniel, president at TIP Strategies, joins Nick Riashi. They dive deep into the impact of technology and AI on today’s workforce, as well as why Tracye believes a 100-day plan is so important. She also shares her insights on mentors and why resilience and hope are defining qualities in her leadership.

Tracye is a recognized trailblazer in the economic development and travel marketing industry. She has been a trusted advisor to CEOs, nonprofits, public organizations and private enterprises for more than three decades. As a widely recognized strategist with C-Suite level experience in all facets of the industry, Tracye has earned a reputation of creating mutually beneficial strategic partnerships across a broad spectrum of industries.