Episode 027: Gray Swoope | VisionFirst Advisors

Episode 027: Gray Swoope | VisionFirst Advisors 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Gray Swoope, president and CEO at VisionFirst Advisors, talks shop with Carla Sones. Gray talks why he sees today’s constant bombardment of noise as an obstacle to trust, and how curiosity can be a double-edged sword. He dives into the danger of complacency and how often he thinks reinvention should be thought about.

Gray launched VisionFirst Advisors in 2015, whic offers location advisory services, economic development strategy, organization design and much more. He is passionate about economic development, having served at all levels representing both urban and rural regions. A constant student of the profession, he never stops the pursuit of learning and applying this knowledge for success in today’s fast-paced economy, and that is evident in today’s interview!