Episode 026: James Chavez | South Carolina Power Team

Episode 026: James Chavez | South Carolina Power Team 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

America’s Jobs Team is back after an amazing Independence Day holiday! On this week’s show, Nick Riashi interviews James Chavez, president and CEO at South Carolina Power Team. James shares some very personal stories with deep leadership lessons. His authenticity and thoughtfulness shine through the entire interview, particularly when James talks about how he learned to listen more than talk as a leader.

James has over two decades of experience in economic development. Upon joining the South Carolina Power Team in the fall of 2013, James ventured out to personally meet with over 130 stakeholders within his first six months.  His ability to develop and maintain relationships and his track record of success of maximizing opportunities for developing rural areas and mid-sized communities are part of what makes him so successful in his role.