Episode 008: Ben Jones (City Utilities of Springfield, MO)

Episode 008: Ben Jones (City Utilities of Springfield, MO) 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Nick Riashi and Ben Jones share a conversation. Ben is the Manager of Economic Development for City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri. During today’s podcast, he shares how his time in the armed forces, and particularly the impact of an amazing captain, has shaped his leadership style. Ben also talks about the challenge presented by the speed of change in today’s world, and what the three E’s of leadership—ego, empathy, and energy—mean to him.

Ben has served in his role at City Utilities for seven years, but his career in economic development spans over two decades. In addition to his time at City Utilities, Ben worked in Lebanon and Montgomery City, both in Missouri. Prior to entering economic development, he served a tour with the United States Army and the Missouri Army National Guard.