Episode 193: Embrace a New Perspective to Tell the Community Story

Episode 193: Embrace a New Perspective to Tell the Community Story 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“I’m obsessed with giving the audience something they don’t see coming.” —Jordan Peele

Economic development is heavily focused on relationship building. And with relationship building comes event after event. Here at Consultant Connect we often get asked, how do you find the cool and memorable venues and moments that make all the difference?

In this week’s episode, our very own Cynthia McMullin, who provides a level of service like no other for each of the Consultant Connect events, lets you in on a few of her trade secrets to finding the most memorable stories for each community. The level of detail and preparedness that goes into each event is out of this world. Cynthia talks about the importance of taking an outsider’s perspective of the community and how important it is to immerse yourself into the world that many do not typically see. She also gives insight into the importance of finding small gifts that are packable in a suitcase and (most importantly) will not get flagged by TSA.

We hope you find this episode insightful as you plan your next event for your community or for your clients. And if you need a little help along the way, you can reach out to our team with any questions you may have. Stay tuned for part two next week where Cynthia and Carla dive into the execution of each event. You can find today’s episode on our website, via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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