Episode 188: Four Ways to Build Stable and Lasting Stakeholder Relationships

Episode 188: Four Ways to Build Stable and Lasting Stakeholder Relationships 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“In an age where everything and everyone is linked through networks of glass and air, no one is an island. One thing is for sure: no organization can succeed in a world that is failing.” –Don Tapscott

Creating growth and prosperity in our communities is work that has to be done alongside others. When economic developers can link arms with local partners and elected officials and work in lock step together, that’s where the magic happens. But relationships cannot be conjured out of thin air; trust has to be built and maintained over time. The big question forever looms: “How?”

Hear from four economic developers on how they’re navigating the challenge of informing stakeholders about the importance of economic development, why they focus on certain relationships over others, and what they’ve done to turn their geographical challenges into assets in garnering buy-in for the work. We have insights from Kimm Lauterbach (REDI Cincinnati), Tammy Fields (formerly with the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC), Tony Ramirez (Borderplex Alliance) and Kenny McDonald (Columbus Partnership).

No matter the entity you represent in your economic development work, having stable and lasting partnerships will create a greater likelihood of reaching goals and a thriving community. Ready to listen in? You can find today’s episode on our website, via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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