Episode 158: What Are the Best Practices of Engaging Site Consultants?

Episode 158: What Are the Best Practices of Engaging Site Consultants? 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“The goal is to build relationships. Both site consultants and economic developers are hungry for relationships with one another, not just learning from one another but really feeling connected.” –Carla Sones

Are you traveling to a site consultant’s market soon? What are the rules of engagement around inviting site consultants for a meal while on their turf? And what about inviting site consultants for a virtual meeting? While the world gravitates back to in-person meetings, keeping virtual touch-points with site consultants many miles away is a great way to have maximum impact with minimal time investment.

Join Carla Sones and Faye Davis as they talk through the etiquette of inviting site consultants while in their city, and dive into the best practices of today’s virtual engagements. Some big takeaways to listen for are how to think through the experience from a site consultant’s perspective and why you should be making sure you’re tailoring time spent together with the consultant’s areas of expertise in mind.

Remember, authentic touches do not necessarily require big investments. Simply bringing on people with great stories or taking a fresh approach to an experience can level-up a Zoom meeting from blah to exceptional. Tune in now to garner more creative ideas and meeting set-ups to level up your next site consultant meeting, whether in-person or virtually!

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