Episode 156: So, You Want to Host a Fam Tour Next Year?

Episode 156: So, You Want to Host a Fam Tour Next Year? 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“Site consultants want to come out and build relationships and learn. As you’re planning your visit, it’s really important to think about what the goal is of the tour.” –Carla Sones

So, you’re thinking about inviting some site consultant friends to learn more about your region. Do you know where to start? Have you thought about the planning and invitation timeline? And what about building out an agenda which ensures a productive, impactful and memorable visit for the guests?

Join Carla Sones and Faye Davis as they share lessons learned and best practices for planning a community familiarization tour. The two energetically dive into the big do’s (hint: there are myriad ways to do things right!) and a couple of big don’ts. Carla gives insight on how to approach the planning, what to keep in mind when working with community partners, and reminds us to keep sight of who the focus of the tour is.

In-person events are back and site consultants are traveling again. If your organization is debating whether to invite site consultants to visit your community next year, today’s episode will not only provide insight into the timeline of getting a fam tour off the ground, but will also spark creative ideas to make sure the event is as impactful as possible. Tune in now to learn all about the best practices of hosting site consultants on your home turf!

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