Episode 146: Lead Your Team Through Effective Change in These 8 Steps

Episode 146: Lead Your Team Through Effective Change in These 8 Steps 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“The people must have ownership in the vision. They need to be enabled to accomplish it. If there is one investment you should make, it is in people.” –Modesta Lilian Mbughuni

Can you think of a time where you knew something had to change, you were impassioned to lead the charge, but somehow the momentum was lost and the driving energy fizzled out? What was it that caused the decline in motivation? Was it lack of a plan, absence of people buying in, or maybe active resistors that ultimately caused the vision to crash?

Building off of last week’s episode on how change can create pain points for all stakeholders, today Carla Sones and Faye Davis dive into how to lead effective change management in 8 steps, based on Dr. John Kotter‘s research. Framing all 8 phases around the big opportunity, this framework is great to use in analyzing what went wrong in past initiatives, assessing current seasons of change adoption, and creating a cohesive plan for future actions.

Using Kotter’s wheel (pictured to the left) as a guide, listen in to today’s episode to learn more about change management. From creating a sense of urgency to building your supporting “volunteer army,” all the way to instituting change, each step serves a keen purpose in creating support and maintaining momentum to bring the big opportunity to implementation in your organization.

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