Episode 139: How to Coach Your Team Through the Lens of Their Strengths

Episode 139: How to Coach Your Team Through the Lens of Their Strengths 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“Picturing the use of strengths connects people to self-belief, which in turn makes goal achievement feel easier. It is a self-affirming cycle that leads to faster growth.” –Shelley Winter

When you have coaching conversations, are you and your direct reports on the same page? Or do you feel like sometimes you’re speaking different languages, like both your and their messages aren’t quite landing? Do you feel well-equipped to handle the coaching of others?

A few weeks ago, we aired an episode that talked about how we use Gallup Strengths in our organization. The response was amazing, but one of the most asked questions from the responses was “so how do Gallup Strengths help with coaching of team members?” Great question. Coaching other leaders is hard, especially coaching with the goal of improving performance.

Join Carla Sones and Faye Davis for a deeper dive on coaching with strengths in mind. Learn how a shared language to name needs in work life can be a game changer for both parties trying to reach a goal of increased productivity, and how to steer clear of our innate tendency to look at our weaknesses and rather bring attention to the things we do really well in order to accelerate our team’s impact and influence. Tune in now to hear more!

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