Episode 096: Opportunities for Continued Learning Are Everywhere | RJ Ball, Empire State Development Corporation

Episode 096: Opportunities for Continued Learning Are Everywhere | RJ Ball, Empire State Development Corporation 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“I see companies shifting their focus and working with economic development in new and unique ways; great companies continue to use adversity to find the path to new opportunity. “ —RJ Ball

Today’s interview is full of energy! RJ Ball comes right out of the gates with the same zest that has landed him on this year’s North America’s Top 50 Economic Developers list.

As economic developers, we are always learning new skills and diving into up-and-coming industries. RJ’s talks about the pros and cons of never-ending journey to expand his knowledge on anything in life; knowing that his impatience is both his strong suit and his weakness, and that his drive may well wind up burning him out one day.

RJ also dives into his innate drive to always serve others, to help in whatever capacity possible so that others can succeed in whatever their endeavors are.

One thing is for sure: RJ is dynamite in his role, and today’s interview will have you engaged from start to finish. Tune in now to hear more!


With an incredibly diverse background and set of experiences, RJ Ball has achieved a high level of success in the areas of business development, project management, contract negotiation, formation of strategic partnerships, and overall economic development. RJ has worked with executives from the most notable Fortune 500 companies in the world and formed successful long-term relationships with a high number of them, thus giving way to three significant promotions in the course of six years.

His current portfolio includes the 62 counties of New York State, with an emphasis on the attraction of foreign direct investment and the promotion of foreign trade. Having managed projects connected with more than 40,000 jobs across the state and more than one billion dollars of investment, he brings a creative approach to Empire State Development which has led to a substantial pipeline of quality leads and long-term projects. His self-admitted greatest strengths are in his communication skills (both written and verbal), and in his ability and willingness to solve multifaceted problems through both critical and creative thinking.

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