Episode 087: Nathan Regan | Invest Atlanta

Episode 087: Nathan Regan | Invest Atlanta 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

It is the last podcast of 2020! Carla Sones talks with Nathan Regan. They dive into Nathan’s drive to find mentors and role models in every facet of life. Though 2020 is quickly becoming the world’s most loathed year, Nathan shares some inspiring thoughts on how it has been a very worthwhile year in terms of lessons and growth. He shares awesome advice for emerging leaders in the industry, with real examples as to how this advice has served him in his leadership. Nathan also talks about the One Atlanta Economic Mobility program, which is guiding what is next for Nathan and Invest Atlanta. Tune in now to glean inspiration from Nathan and Carla!

Nathan Regan currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Economic Development at Invest Atlanta, where he leads the agency’s small business development, innovation & entrepreneurship, business retention & expansion, foreign direct investment (FDI), and creative industries activities. Prior to joining Invest Atlanta, Nathan worked in both the private industry and public sectors. His career has taken him from Denmark to Bahrain and many places in between.

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