Episode 080: Molly Howey | GO Topeka

Episode 080: Molly Howey | GO Topeka 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

Carla Sones sits down to talk with Molly Howey, and the two dive into remedying the loss of unintentional information exchange from the increase in virtual work. Molly talks about the HOST (Helping Others Support Topeka) program which was launched by Topeka’s philanthropic community to support businesses and displaced workers. She shares the role she and GO Topeka have played in being drivers of social change in her region. Tune in now, there’s much more to learn from Molly!

Molly is president of GO Topeka, which she joined in 2011 after spending six years in a private sector marketing firm. Armed with a drive to make the community around her better, Molly has spent the last nine years marketing Topeka, Kansas. The ever-changing industry and variability of each day is what makes Molly love her job.  In her role, she manages two industrial parks the organization owns and oversees all economic development efforts in the county. Molly also serves on the IEDC Board of Directors and several community boards.

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