Episode 078: Ean Johnson | OmniTRAX

Episode 078: Ean Johnson | OmniTRAX 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

Ean Johnson joins Ron Kitchens and the two of them dive into the roles that economic developers can (and should) play in today’s accelerated change track. Ean’s team is always a remote team, and as such he is able to share invaluable insights on leading remotely. He talks about how his life has been shaped by mentors who have seen things in him that he was previously unable to recognize himself, allowing Ean to explore fresh paths and opportunities. Tune in now to hear more!

Ean Johnson serves as Vice President, Economic Development for OmniTRAX, one of the largest private railroad and transportation management companies in the United States. In this position, he works at the intersection of customer and community to lead the company’s economic development across its 23-property footprint. Ean is also responsible for the execution of the firm’s business attraction strategy via site selection, economic development, and government sales channels. Ean also works with OmniTRAX served communities in preparation to embrace rail-related growth. A native of Ohio, Ean is a graduate of Wright State University with a degree in Economics. Ean has economic development experience at the municipal and regional levels in Ohio and New York. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for IEDC.

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