May 26: Looking to the Future with Ann Petersen | COVID-19 MINISERIES

May 26: Looking to the Future with Ann Petersen | COVID-19 MINISERIES 150 150 America's Jobs Team

Today, Carla Sones talks with Ann Petersen about the shifting economic development landscape. Ann shares her insights on workforce, the likelihood of onshoring, and what communities should be prepared to report on during future site visits. She shares what she and her team are keeping an eye on for the rest of 2020, and how compliance work is about to increase significantly.

Ann is a director at Atlas Insight. With 15 years of combined experience as a tax and incentive consultant, Ann is widely regarded as an expert in the industry. Ann has a proven history of guiding her clients through the strategic process of location consulting and combining this with multi-state economic development and financial incentive negotiation.

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