April 6: Jeff Pappas | ESRP | COVID-19 MINISERIES

April 6: Jeff Pappas | ESRP | COVID-19 MINISERIES 150 150 America's Jobs Team

Jeff Pappas, executive vice president of site selection and brokerage at ESRP Real Estate Services, joins Ron Kitchens to share what he’s experiencing during this crisis response. Jeff talks about the industries that are seeing tremendous growth and he shares very specific details from the CARES Act that may affect the onshoring of jobs over the next years.

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in the site selection business. At ESRP, Jeff represents corporate clients on a local and national basis and his skills include identifying favorable demographics and negotiating economic incentives for a wide range of clients, particularly in the teleservices, telecom and high-tech industries. If you’d like to hear more from Jeff, you can follow him on Twitter @BPOJeffPappas.


Every weekday America’s Jobs Team will be airing a new episode focusing on the response to the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of economic developers and site consultants alike. We have gathered that our listening audience has a deep desire to hear from other economic development professionals about how they are handling this crisis. Due to the frequency of podcast releases, we will not be sending a daily email with the new episodes. To get each episode as it is released, please search “America’s Jobs Team” on your preferred podcast app and subscribe.