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April 22: Brett Bayduss | Site Selection Group | COVID-19 MINISERIES
April 22: Brett Bayduss | Site Selection Group | COVID-19 MINISERIES 150 150 America's Jobs Team

Brett Bayduss talks with Carla Sones about what the longterm effects of COVID-19 may be. He dives into whether the work-from-home culture is here to stay or if people will naturally gravitate to office environments again, and reminds us that it’s okay to just be there to listen to your community.

Brett is executive vice president and founding partner of Site Selection Group and brings more than 20 years of site selection experience to the company. Brett manages the site selection consulting process and is responsible for maintaining the company’s proprietary information databases. He provides value to his clients by maximizing the efficiencies of labor, economic incentives, logistic and real estate conditions of corporate operations and by consulting communities on optimal methodologies to increase economic growth.


Every weekday America’s Jobs Team will be airing a new episode focusing on the response to the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of economic developers and site consultants alike. We have gathered that our listening audience has a deep desire to hear from other economic development professionals about how they are handling this crisis. Due to the frequency of podcast releases, we will not be sending a daily email with the new episodes. To get each episode as it is released, please search “America’s Jobs Team” on your preferred podcast app and subscribe.

Episode 029: Josh Bays | Site Selection Group
Episode 029: Josh Bays | Site Selection Group 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Josh Bays, partner at Site Selection Group, joins Carla Sones on today’s show. Josh and Carla talk about the effect of the intense divisiveness in today’s society, and why Josh believes having a heightened sense of self-awareness is a pivotal quality for people in a leadership position.

Josh leads the industrial practice at Site Selection Group. He is a critical part of the executive team as well, where he helps provide and implement strategic direction. Josh has completed more than 750 projects for global clients, some of which include Adidas, Amazon, Boeing and many more. His candor and to-the-point honestly in today’s interview is refreshing and provides a ton of insight!