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Episode 088: SeonAh Kendall | Fort Collins
Episode 088: SeonAh Kendall | Fort Collins 150 150 America's Jobs Team

“Economic developers are always willing to share. We are always happy to have that conversation because relationships matter in our jobs. We make time for folks.” -Seonah Kendall

SeonAh has been a small businesses owner for over 20 years. On today’s podcast, she breaks down the path Fort Collins, CO has taken to help save small businesses and because of her previous experience, her advice feels particularly relevant.

SeonAh talks about the profound impact leadership development training has had on her, and how her career has been changed by the courage to ask questions.

She also dives into the challenges of being a woman in the economic development profession, and how she has been able to assert herself in negative situations.

Welcome to episode 088 of America’s Jobs Team, the first episode of 2021! We’re so glad to have you back with us. Tune in now to hear more from SeonAh!

SeonAh Kendall, CPA is the City Recovery Manager at the City of Fort Collins, CO, where she oversees the Economic Health Office’s business support team focused on business retention and expansion, talent development/recruitment and special projects to ensure a vibrant Fort Collins economy.  Prior to her work at the City, SeonAh was Business Program Director/Faculty at Front Range Community College. Additionally, with over 20+ years as a small business owner in Fort Collins, SeonAh is able to share her insight and perspective within the City organization on the development of policies and procedures that impact small businesses.

SeonAh serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC). She is a founding member of the NoCO Manufacturing Partnership, an all-volunteer organization representing over 200 northern Colorado manufacturers to address workforce development opportunities and continue to support a thriving environment for manufacturers in our community. Additionally, SeonAh represents the City as a member of the Economic Development Research Partners (EDRP), the think-tank and research arm of IEDC.

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