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Episode 030: Justin Bickle | Columbus 2020
Episode 030: Justin Bickle | Columbus 2020 150 150 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast:

Justin Bickle, managing director of client services and project management at Columbus 2020, talks leadership with Nick Riashi. Justin dives into why empathy and awareness are key skills in his leadership style. He also talks about how being unaccepting to change is a hindrance to good leadership, though he also makes the distinguishment of needing to make sure the change is for the right reasons.

Justin leads the activities of the project management team and the active pipeline of Columbus 2020 expansion projects, placing an emphasis on the strategic qualification of growth opportunities. He consults clients through the site location process to help them take advantage of the Columbus Region’s business advantages, and works with the project management team to provide best-in-class client service including real estate assistance, market validation and analysis, public and private partner connections, and state and local incentive negotiations.