Episode 067: David Leezer | Wichita Falls (TX) Chamber of Commerce

Episode 067: David Leezer | Wichita Falls (TX) Chamber of Commerce 150 150 America's Jobs Team

On This Week’s Podcast:

David Leezer joins Nick Riashi to talk about the rollercoaster that is 2020. David talks about the importance of body language and receiving non-verbal cues and how the digital space has affected those methods of communication. He shares his favorite aspects of being in economic development and dives into why he would have advised himself to invest in more relationship-building 6 months ago. David is chock-full of thoughtful and relevant insights, tune in now to hear more from him!

David Leezer is the vice president of business attraction for the Wichita Falls (TX) Chamber of Commerce, where he leads on all recruitment strategies and manages site consultant relationships. He is an adjunct professor for Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville teaching classes in Strategic Planning, Economic Development, Needs Assessment, Livability, Crisis Management, and Government/Non-Profit Technology.  He has also both moderated and spoken at a number of educational programs for IEDC.


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