America’s future relies on people like you to foster a dynamic economy. It’s a big responsibility, but you are not alone in shouldering the weight. You are part of America’s Jobs Team!

You know—as do we—that the business of creating jobs is hard work, requiring more than just a little bit of elbow grease. You’ve got to have: deep industry knowledge; community and workforce familiarity; a keen understanding of how incentives impact corporate financials; an ability to form deep relationships and create unity; and perseverance.

Over the years, the Consultant Connect team has assembled a war chest full of experiences and partnerships that we draw on daily to do our work. Listen to our America’s Jobs Team podcast for lessons and inspiration from our team. We always want to outdo our best, and we bet you do too!

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Episode 001 | Jeff Finkle (IEDC)
Episode 001 | Jeff Finkle (IEDC) 300 300 America's Jobs Team

This Week on America’s Jobs Team Podcast: Welcome to the inaugural episode of the America’s Jobs Team Podcast! Every week, you will hear leadership insights from an economic developer or site consultant. Our belief is that when leaders grow stronger, communities thrive. Today, Ron Kitchens talks with Jeff Finkle, President and CEO at the International Economic Development Council…

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